Beit Shoukri
Egyptian Cuisine at its Best

Beit Shoukri specializes in up-scale Egyptian dining experiences cuisine. Staying loyal to the Egyptian culture in its design, customers are taken on a journey to the heart of Cairo, where they are surrounded by pictures of famed Egyptian actors and scenes, particularly the greeting of “Omda” and his lovely wife at the doorsteps. The restaurant’s name translates to “The House of Shoukri,” Shoukri being an Egyptian character who invites customers to try food prepared by his mom and aunt. At Beit Shoukri, we honor heritage - our values and quality of service are presented both through interaction with staff, as well as the dishes themselves. Here, authentic Egyptian cuisine encounters a contemporary twist, creating an experience that will satisfy both the stomach and heart. Join us, to taste signature dishes such as Koshari - a traditional meal made of pasta, lentil, rice and chickpeas, and the classic Egyptian layered pastry - Fateer Meshaltet.


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